Cowboy Life Simulator

Cowboy Life Simulator is a new action simulation game. In the 19th century in the Wild West, you are a poor farmer wanting something more from life: you want an adventure. Sit on a horse and become a Cowboy, unfortunately it won’t be that easy because many dangers await on that path and you are no hero yet.


• Build new buildings and repair old ones: Your gear and animals need shelter, can you provide it?
• Manage your garden: You can organise and plant your own plants.
• Avoid outlaws: They want to rob you, kill you, or both. Cowboy must be ready for every eventuality.
• Move herds of cattle: Travel for long distances to market and sell them to get some cash for saloon pleasures.
• Travel across an open wild world full of dangers
• Gather your cowboy equipment and forge unique tools for your Wild West Journey
• And many more.

System Requirements:

• OS: macOS 10.13 or higher (64-bit)

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